Speech on Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill

Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Mr Speaker, Sir, section 126(1) of the Road Traffic Act prevents goods vehicles from being used to transport passengers, but subsection (a) allows an exception for workers to be carried on a goods vehicle owned or rented by their employer if they meet the rules prescribed under section 77(6). I propose […]

Budget 2021: Expand MediSave Usage & Portable Health Insurance

Expand MediSave Usage Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Mr Chairman, MediSave limits are a major concern for the elderly and it is the issue I have been asked most frequently to raise. Many feel that the annual limits of $200 or $500 are inadequate for their needs, given current healthcare costs. In November last year, Senior […]

Budget 2021: Preparing for Future Economy

Mr Chairman, the Budget Statement described extensive plans for an innovation-driven economy. To thrive in an innovation-driven economy requires more than the acquisition of technical skills and scientific or professional knowledge, but also a mindset that is ready and able to challenge established norms or widely accepted thinking, not afraid to fail and ever ready to […]

Budget 2021: Management of Foreign Workforce

Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Mr Chairman, it was disappointing to note that despite the pandemic exposing our vulnerabilities arising from our over-reliance on foreign labour, the Budget did not present new measures to fundamentally move our economy away from that over-reliance, apart from a tightening of the S Pass quota for the manufacturing sector. It […]

Budget 2021: Recognising Our Men and Women in the SAF

Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Mr Chairman, recently, the Straits Times reported on the findings of the State Coroner regarding the death of National Serviceman Dave Lee due to heatstroke, which was partially caused by delayed evacuation. I cannot profess to know the pain of parents and families who have lost their loved ones. I can only […]

Making children more resilient in adulthood and better able to handle any crisis

Speech delivered at Government’s Strategy to Emerge Stronger From the COVID-19 Pandemic Mr Speaker, Sir, first of all, I would like to declare that I own an education company as I will be talking about education in the rest of my speech. The Deputy Prime Minister spoke extensively about the economic plans to address the […]

Debate on President’s Address 2020

Mr Speaker, Sir, I welcome the President’s message that there will be permanent shifts in our approach towards social safety nets. Progress Singapore Party believes that progress should always be accompanied by compassion and social safety nets play a big role in that. During difficult times, they are of even greater importance. The Government has […]