Abolish GRC

Sir/Madam, I beg to move, “That this House calls for the abolition of Group Representation Constituencies.” The GRC system was introduced in 1988 when the Parliamentary Elections Act and the Constitution were amended to provide for the creation of three-member GRCs. The justification for this change was to safeguard minority representation in Parliament. The number […]

Debate on Singapore’s COVID-19 Response

Mr Speaker Sir, First and foremost, I wish to express my greatest appreciation to all the healthcare and other frontline workers whose hard work enabled our lives to continue throughout the pandemic. Without them, we would not have been able to pull through this crisis. I hope we will not forget that and will recognize […]

Committee of Supply 2023: CPF Contributions

I have several questions pertaining to CPF contributions for platform workers. It has been announced that transitional assistance will be provided to platform workers who earn below $2,500 to help them cope with the new requirement to contribute CPF. However, those earning above $2,500 will also have difficulties adjusting to a lower take-home pay. Will […]

Committee of Supply 2023: Diversity in Schools and Student-Initiated Learning

Mr Chairman, First of all, I declare that I run a company operating education centres and a private school. Allow me to quote extracts from Everychild.sg’s White Paper developed by Singaporean parents: “… the cultural norm among many Singaporean families is for a parent … to plan to take time off during the child’s PSLE […]

Committee of Supply 2023: Anti-Corruption and Fertility Measures

Mr Chairman, Two weeks ago, on 6 February 2023, Minister Indranee answered Parliamentary Questions on the decision not to prosecute the Keppel & Offshore Marine (KOM) executives involved in a corruption case. She said that it was standard practice not to issue any statement if law enforcement agencies decided not to proceed after an investigation. […]

Healthier SG White Paper

Mdm Deputy Speaker, I welcome the plans outlined in the White Paper to bring about healthier Singaporeans. I have a number of questions on the funding model and manpower requirements, which I hope the Minister can provide answers to. Firstly, on the funding model for healthcare. I welcome the change in funding model to incentivise […]

Speech for Income Tax (Amendment) Bill

Mr Speaker, The Bill permits the Comptroller to disclose information with consent to public offices and private individuals engaged by the Government to assist public officers. These private individuals have to execute a declaration of secrecy and commit an offence if they were to disclose such information received. Can the Minister tell us what is […]

Workplace fairness legislation to offer protection against discrimination and harassment

Progress Singapore Party welcomes the move to introduce workplace fairness legislation to offer protection against discrimination and harassment. In my speech yesterday, I cover three main points: 1) It is important to have equal maternity and paternity leave by default with flexibility for couples to reallocate between themselves and give incentives to employers to provide […]