Speech for the Debate on Cost of Living

Mdm Deputy Speaker, Post-pandemic, inflation in Singapore has been much higher than it used to be. Announcements of price increases in transport fares, water and utilities came one after another. COE prices rose to record highs and GST is going to be increased by another 1% next year. Property prices and rental continued climbing. All […]

Closing Speech on the Motion to Suspend Mr S Iswaran from the Service of Parliament

Mr Speaker, Sir, I would like to thank all who have participated in this debate. All of us share a common desire to maintain high standards of conduct in this House and to treat Members who are under investigation firmly and fairly. These are motherhood statements that few are expected to disagree with. How we […]

Abolish GRC

Sir/Madam, I beg to move, “That this House calls for the abolition of Group Representation Constituencies.” The GRC system was introduced in 1988 when the Parliamentary Elections Act and the Constitution were amended to provide for the creation of three-member GRCs. The justification for this change was to safeguard minority representation in Parliament. The number […]

Speech for Income Tax (Amendment) Bill

Mr Speaker, The bill permits the Comptroller to disclose information with consent to public officers and private individuals engaged by the Government to assist public officers.These private individuals have to execute a declaration of secrecy and commits an offence if they were to disclose such information received. Can the Minister tell us what is the […]

Workplace fairness legislation to offer protection against discrimination and harassment

Progress Singapore Party welcomes the move to introduce workplace fairness legislation to offer protection against discrimination and harassment. In my speech yesterday, I cover three main points: 1) It is important to have equal maternity and paternity leave by default with flexibility for couples to reallocate between themselves and give incentives to employers to provide […]