Exchange in Ministerial Statement on River Valley High School Incident

Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Thank you, Deputy Speaker. This incident, as well as the incident at SJI, has thrown the spotlight on the importance of mental health. Last year, the number of suicides among boys aged 10 to 19 was at a record high. I echo Mr Patrick Tay’s call, which the Minister did […]

Quarantine Procedure for Arriving Foreign Domestic Workers and Circumstances for Their Early Release from Stay-Home Notices

Hazel Asks the Health Minister

Ms Hazel Poa asked the Minister for Health (a) what is the current quarantine procedure for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) arriving to work in Singapore; (b) under what circumstances can these FDWs be released early from their Stay-Home Notices (SHNs); and (c) to date, how many FDWs have been released early from their SHNs.

Exchange in the Fifth Update on Whole-of-Government Responses to COVID-19

Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Thank you, Deputy Speaker. I thank the Ministers for their Statements. I am asking this question on behalf of some seniors who have conveyed to me their frustration that while they are being urged to get vaccinated, they are unable to get an appointment for a Sinovac vaccination. I think we […]

Budget 2021: Expand MediSave Usage & Portable Health Insurance

Expand MediSave Usage Ms Hazel Poa (Non-Constituency Member): Mr Chairman, MediSave limits are a major concern for the elderly and it is the issue I have been asked most frequently to raise. Many feel that the annual limits of $200 or $500 are inadequate for their needs, given current healthcare costs. In November last year, Senior […]

Progress of nation-wide COVID-19 vaccination programme

Hazel Asks the Health Minister

Ms Hazel Poa asked the Minister for Health whether a vaccination advisory service can be provided to members of the public to seek clarifications about their suitability for COVID-19 vaccination in view of their particular medical conditions such as allergies and past reactions to vaccines.