Visiting Chong Pang View

I grew up in a kampung until our family home was compulsorily acquired by the Government in 1987. My parents were offered an HDB flat in Yishun, and so were many of our neighbours and relatives. I lived in Yishun with my parents until I got married, and continued living there with my husband until we got our new flat in Punggol. Thus, visiting residents in Chong Pang View yesterday brought back fond and nostalgic childhood memories for me.

The Yishun residents shared their experiences and plights with us. One lady is still coping with the aftermath and stress from a trespass incident in her home. Another shared how after he transferred ownership of his flat to his son, he is now being evicted by the son. He stoically said that he would cope with it, but wants us to help spread the word to others to be careful. We left his unit with a heavy heart.

Knocking on doors and meeting residents on precious weekends after a long work week can be tiring yet energising at the same time. Hearing the many personal stories this past weekend in Pioneer and Yishun only spurs me on to do better for the good of Singaporeans.

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